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Quantify links up with Victorian distributor

23 Sep 2019

Quantify have signed up Melbourne-based ASI Electrics, one of the country’s largest electrical contracting businesses, as it’s first distributor in Victoria.

Since establishment 20 years ago, ASI Electrics have prided themselves on performing some of the most technically sophisticated electrical, maintenance and service projects, tasks and programs for customers in residential and commercial settings, under experienced CEO Scott Edgcumbe.

The business has a sizable team of over 200 direct employees who are experts in electrical design and installations, engineering and value enhanced solutions which provide an all-encompassing outcome for clients.

“Our reputation is built on our ability to ‘make it happen’, and our record of success attests to our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations and delivering exceptional service and expertise every time,” ASI Electrics CEO Scott Edgcumbe said.

“We are excited to offer Quantify’s solution to our clients to ensure we continue to exceed expectations and deliver an incomparable experience time and time again. We have a number of projects on the horizon with Quantify.”

The addition of ASI Electrics means Quantify now has distributors in the four most populated states in Australia – New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, with Victoria home to 26 percent of Australia’s population.

Quantify’s CEO Brett Savill said ASI Electrics have a strong project and sales pipeline.

“ASI Electrics have an excellent reputation in the industry which makes this a very promising move for Quantify. We are delighted to have them on board as the first distributor in Victoria,” Brett said.

“Entering into agreements with leading Australian distributors forms an integral part of our strategy.”


This was originally published as an ASX Announcement, which can be found HERE.

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